Reimagine Your Wheel or Extrusion Equipment

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Whether your machine is overdue for a retrofit, or you want to get ahead of the curve and upgrade before you start losing time and money to downtime, Graham can help you from start to finish. We are here for you through the life of your machine with support tailored to your needs.

Benefits of Upgrading

  • Avoid preventable downtime
  • Increase longevity of your equipment
  • Meet changing production goals
  • Save money

“[Graham Engineering Company] listened to what we said we needed. But the real reason we’d buy from them again is the way they worked with us every step of the way to make sure the line did what they said it would do. You never really know how good your supplier is until they rise to a challenge. When they pull out all the stops to deliver the required results, that’s a good supplier. We hold ourselves to that standard as well.” ~Bill J. Burke Jr., general manager Impact Plastics

Time for a Complete Rebuild?

Talk to a sales manager today about how Graham Engineering Corporation can help rebuild your current machine, bringing it current and extending its life. Every Graham Engineering solution is tailored precisely to your needs. Whether you need to expand production, retrofit an older machine, or have another significant change you are preparing for, our sales managers and technicians are there for you every step of the way.

lifecycle management shown with spools that will become rotary blow molders through the course of a project

Retrofit Options

Updates and retrofits may not be cheap, but if your machines are outdated and you are experiencing downtime, proactively upgrading your polymer extrusion or blow molding equipment can save you money. Our sales managers and technical support can work together with you to create a solution. Don’t wait until you are stuck with an obsolete part to replace. Contact us today about what we can offer you.

hercules blow molding equipment in yellow and cream

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