Extrusion Solutions for Automotive Applications

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From dashboards to profile, to hundreds of perfectly formed plastic parts, Automotive markets and applications include tons of extrusion needs. Actually, about one-third of the parts of any vehicle are made from polymers. That number is only set to increase as electric vehicles move into the mainstream. If your parts are extruded, we have the solution for you. Contact a Graham sales manager today to find out how we can help you from inception throughout the life of your project.


  • Bumpers
  • A/C Ducting
  • Center Consoles
  • Door Profile
  • Interior Trim
  • Wheel House Radiator Support
  • Dashboards
  • Door Handles
  • Instrument Panels
  • Battery Separator Film
  • Paint Protective Film

We Bridge Your Plan with Your Goals

When it comes to plastics extrusion, the automotive industry is the third largest consumer after construction and packaging.

At GEC we understand that you have goals to meet, in sustainability, production, and quality.

We have the proven extrusion systems, experience, and understanding of your industry needed to bridge your plan with your goals.

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