A Rich Heritage of Innovation and Service

At Graham Engineering Company, we know that great things can come from humble beginnings. Don Graham, the founder of GEC, began our company in 1960 without much more than a dream and a garage. From that everyday garage, and nearly no capital, came the invention that would revolutionize what the world thought of as possible when it came to single parison plastics extrusion in 1964: the Graham Wheel Rotary Blow Molder. However, Graham did not stop there.

Assembling the Best

GEC set out to gather a complete portfolio of polymer extrusion knowledge and market niches globally.

Founded in 1967, Welex quickly became the global standard in sheet extrusion equipment and plastic extrusion sheet lines. By 1970, they had installed their first sheet extruder in Grand Rapids, Michigan. They would continue to hone their skills and innovate until they joined the Graham Engineering Company in March of 2015, bringing over 40 years of expertise in sheet extrusion to the GEC portfolio.

When it comes to single screw extrusion for medical, industrial, construction, profile, or any other number of limitless possibilities, American Kuhne became a household name after its founding in 1997. Excelling in silicone, rubber, and plastics extrusion for cleanroom and industrial concepts, their machines gained the reputation of keeping operators, industries, and longevity in mind. At the same time, they produced industry-leading innovations in their market. They proudly joined the Graham Engineering Company in 2012, adding 15 years of focused experience in this niche.

Graham Engineering has never lost sight of our vision of being recognized as the most trusted global polymer extrusion process solutions provider. We are committed to our mission of understanding and providing customers with the “best total solution” in equipment and services while providing technology and innovation to the polymer extrusion markets. GEC also relentlessly and responsibly builds sustainable value for customers, employees, stakeholders, and the communities in which we operate. That vision and mission and our adherence to a company culture of truthfulness, moral conduct, trust, competency, and forthrightness when interacting with others are deeply ingrained in everything Graham Engineering does.

Our History, Your Future

From those humble beginnings — to the total one-stop-shop for nearly everything involved in polymer extrusion production today — Graham Engineering Company has never lost that relentless drive to innovate reliably for their customers. Nor have we left behind the curiosity, enterprising spirit, personal responsibility, and character of Don Graham.

Graham Engineering Company is proud to bring the totality of over 90 years of cumulative experience and innovation, the service and reliability you have come to expect, and the lifetime care and support you deserve.


Don Graham founded Graham Engineering


Graham Invents the first Rotary Wheel Blow Molding Machine


Welex Founded


First Welex Sheet Extruder Installed in Grand Rapids, MI


American Kuhne Founded


American Kuhne developed the first medical modular extruder


Graham Engineering acquires American Kuhne


Graham Engineering acquires Welex

About Our Founder, Don Graham

Don Graham came from a family of Academics and earned degrees in Mechanical Engineering (BSc 1955) and Industrial Engineering and Business Management (MSc 1956) from the University of Michigan. Using that solid foundation, he built a multi-billion dollar family of companies from humble beginnings, starting with basically nothing but a basement, ingenuity, and entrepreneurial grit.

Don Graham is a Native of Ann Arbor, MI, and with his wife of 60 years, Ingrid, enjoys many civic and philanthropic activities. The couple is also well-known for offering leadership and financial support to Graham’s alma mater, the University of Michigan.

Mr. Graham has received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Society of Plastics Engineers for his work in the plastics industry and been elected into the Plastics Hall of Fame.

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