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Graham Engineering’s Precision Mold & Tooling capabilities have provided solutions to its customers for over 60 years. Our capabilities include following:

  • Blow Molds
  • Thermoforming Molds
  • Vacuum Forming Molds
  • RIM Molds
  • Structural Foam Molds
  • Precision Parts
  • Mold Refurbishment & Maintenance Services

GEC strives to remain at the forefront of the American manufacturing industry by delivering precision quality and unbeatable customer support. We continually invest in the latest equipment, technology, and training to provide the most streamlined molding-making and CNC machining services possible. Our emphasis on internal investment ensures we deliver our clients the utmost production speed, consistency, and cost-effectiveness. GEC’s machining capabilities can fit almost anyone’s needs.


A Range of Capabilities: From Precision Mold & Tooling for Blow molding, Thermoforming, RIM, and Structural Foam to the Service & Maintenance Needed to Maintain Those Parts

GEC’s Mold and Tooling capabilities come with more than 60 years of experience. This experience allows us to solve the most complex problems for our customers. 3D part design, reverse engineering of existing products or parts, consultative mold, and tooling design are only a few of the offerings we can provide. Our company is constantly looking for new areas of growth that will utilize our complex machining strengths to better meet the demands of the marketplace and our customers. Other services include:

  • Mold Trial And Sampling
  • Laser And Traditional Welding
  • Mold Refurbishment With The Option For Annual Subscription Service
  • Deep Hole Gun Drilling
  • Complex Parts
  • Assembly Services For Fixtures Or Small-Part Tooling
  • CMM and Optical Comparator Inspection
  • Variety Of Part Sizes From Small To Large

Thermoform Molds & Tooling

Innovative Thermoform Molds & Tooling Services from the Experts in Complex Mold Manufacturing

GEC is a leading provider of quality thermoforming molds and tooling. From prototype components to full-scale production, we manufacture customer thermoform precision molds produced with our range of in-house CNC machining and product finishing capabilities.

The speed and efficiency of the thermoforming process make it ideal for your thin-gauge plastic products produced in high volumes. However, maintaining high-volume quality and consistency requires a mold manufactured with the precision that GEC offers. Our thermoforming molds and products are CNC machines to your exact specifications.
These include:

  • Water And Vacuum Plates
  • REN cores
  • Mold Cavities
  • Finished Assemblies

Blow Molds & Tooling

High Quality, Precision Molds & Tooling

GEC delivers a complete range of molds, tooling, and services for the blow molding industry. We offer precision CNC machine custom molds, mold modification services, and industry-leading engineering expertise. This enables you to streamline your blow molding production. Blow molding provides numerous benefits in cost-effective industrial manufacturing. The blow molding production process is relatively simple and easily scalable, allowing for efficient high-volume manufacturing with minimal turnaround times. GEC’s mold quality leads to an end product that is consistent and of the highest standard.

Example products that have been engineered, designed and created at GEC.

  • Consumer Packaging ( Hershey, Arizona, Laundry Detergent)
  • Industrial Products – 15,30,40,55 Gallon Drums / IBC Containers
  • Consumer Durables – Igloo Coolers / Shed Panels / Dock Block/ Trash Cans

RIM Molds & Tooling

Custom Engineered RIM & Low-Pressure Mold Solutions

GEC delivers superior mold manufacturing solutions optimized for your application, including advanced reaction injection molding (RIM) capabilities. We are a leading supplier of custom RIM mold prototypes and complex components.

There are numerous advantages to the RIM molding solutions we offer at GEC. Compared to other mold manufacturing processes, the reaction injection process uses relatively low pressures and temperatures. Typical in-mold pressures only range from 50 to 150 psi. That is substantially lower than thermoplastic injection molding, which can require 5,000 to 30,000 psi.

For automotive body components, medical machine casings, industrial machine casings, consumer electronics, and sporting goods, RIM molding is an effective mold manufacturing solution for custom products with complex designs and varying wall thicknesses. Our precision CNC machined RIM molds are engineered for optimum manufacturability in your application.

Structural Molds & Toolings

Take Advantage of Our Structural Foam Mold Manufacturing Services for Your Large Molded Part Production

GEC is one of America’s leading providers of structural foam molds. From custom structural foam product solutions to mold manufacturing with CNC machined precision, we deliver a complete range of expert in-house structural foam molding capabilities. One of the benefits of structural foam molding is the ability to manufacture large custom parts efficiently and cost-effectively. Structural foam molding enables you to produce massive, lightweight components with complex internal and external designs, from automotive body panels to foam-molded roofs and insulation panels.

At GEC, we engineer your structural foam molding solutions to streamline the production process from design to delivery. Our expert engineering team optimizes your products for quick and cost-effective manufacturability while ensuring the final product adheres to your exact specifications. Products manufactured with our molds:

  • Industrial – Spill Pallets/Acid Cabinets
  • Commercial – Terraplas Turf Cover

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