XC Navigator Extrusion System Controls

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Graham Engineering’s Navigator control technology utilizes an industrial PC with a Windows® platform to enable intuitive, integrated extrusion process control. The Navigator XC is available in a variety of models, including configurations for standalone extruders, multi-extruder operations, and extrusion systems with downstream components such as pullers, water baths, or winders. Navigator controls are available for American Kuhne extrusion systems for medical tubing, profiles, and wire and cable.

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Integrated Trend Tracking

  • User controls variables to plot and min/max axes set points
  • Monitor the blow molding process in real time
  • Export data for other SPC or plant monitoring packages

Remote Diagnostics

  • Reduced or eliminated travel costs
  • Same day resolution for many issues
  • Software and capabilities integrated as standard
  • Troubleshooting, machine diagnostics, and software updates made simpler


Imitated Often. Duplicated Never.

Navigator Extrusion System Controls

Intuition, integrated:

With Graham Engineering’s Navigator, you’re never more than two touches away from any screen. Imitated Often. Duplicated Never.

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