Protecting Your Investment

Our maintenance, parts and repair, and technical support are available to you when you need them. We can help you design the right package for your company, whether that includes spare parts on hand, regular site visits, and preventative maintenance, or any combination of supports. You will always have the peace of mind of knowing we’re a phone call or email away and are committed to keeping your lines running.

“One of our cornerstones is quality — quality in everything we do. This includes who we interact with, who we purchase from, and the partners with whom we choose to do business. Graham Engineering has proven to be one of those quality partners.” – Jeff Atwood, President of Copperhead Industries”

Solution Design

At Graham, we’re here for you through the life of your project. That starts at the beginning and means service that continues after the sale. From computer simulation to parts design, our technical staff and lab services are here with the equipment and expertise to deliver you the best possible solution for your needs. Whether it is testing until you have the perfect polymer or designing a blow molding or extrusion system that reliably delivers your product at the rate you need it to, we can help every step of the way.

Technical Support

Keeping your lines running is paramount to success, and Graham Engineering Company will be there for you when you need us. We have industry-leading technical support, including field services, to work with you on-site. Our tech support representatives are available to you by email and phone. They can often solve problems remotely using our Navigator® Controls system, but when they can’t, they can also schedule on-site maintenance or work with you to secure the parts you need. We have several support options for your company. Talk to a sales manager today to tailor the perfect package for your company.

Two men working together on technical support to showcase team work

Parts, Maintenance & Repairs

At Graham Engineering Company, we believe in supporting the machines we make throughout their life. That includes offering regular preventative maintenance, convenient phone and email access to technical support, and expert field services to execute repairs for you as quickly as possible. Also, with more than 50 years of experience, our professionals are adept at predicting which spare parts you should always have on hand. Talk to a sales manager about creating a plan to keep those parts on hand so that you never have avoidable downtime with idle lines and lost profits.

electrician testing a machine as part of solution design and parts and maintenance

Updates & Upgrades

Retrofits, updates, and upgrades help keep older machines running like new for longer. Maintenance is essential, but time doesn’t stop, and even though your machine may run well after 30 years, the parts you’ll need to repair it may be obsolete by then. Graham will still do their best to help you secure the part, but we’d also like to help you avoid getting in that situation in the first place. Give your brand a competitive edge by proactively exploring retrofits or upgrades for your existing machinery.

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