The Revolution MVP Rotary Wheel Blow Molding Systems

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Our innovative modular clamp design combined with the new variable pitch feature forms the basis for the Revolution MVP. Combined with our “Quick Change” mold system, this revolutionary new design offers the precision and output you expect of a Graham Wheel, along with the flexibility of a shuttle.

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  • Intuitive navigation
  • Integrated screen map & help pages
  • 2 Keystrokes maximum to any screen
  • Closed-loop extruder control
  • Operator-adjusted speeds & set value change recording


  • Alarm history reports and password security control
  • Integrated trending package
  • Remote support and trouble-shooting
  • Integrated recipe manager
  • Detailed machine manual accessible via HMI

XBM Navigator®

Ultimate Control

The XBM integrates a 100-point parison programmer with the ability to store data for monitoring and tracking of trends. The user-friendly controls also utilize software designed for accumulator head machines. Our expert team combines decades of project and technical expertise to offer customization with lead times that match prefab solutions.

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