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Our Graham Engineering Welex Evolution sheet extrusion system for sheeting, winding and in-line thermoforming systems is highly efficient and state-of-the-art. It brings a quality and performance you’ve come to know and trust. Although the machine contains many standard features, it’s flexible enough to be custom engineered to your needs and specifications.

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  • Control over gap thickness
  • Remote support and troubleshooting
  • Engineered tooling configuration options
  • Intuitive navigation


  • Monolayer or co-extrusion up to 9 extruders
  • Multilayer or Polyside
  • Rolls with nips controlled hydraulically, pneumatically, or boosted pneumatic
  • Roll take-off choices: upstack, downstack, J-stack, inclined, or horizontal
  • Roll skewing
  • Electrically controlled nip height adjustment
  • Downstream and finishing customizations

XSL Navigator®

Ultimate Control

The XSL Navigator is created for effortless operation: it’s easy for operators to set up and work easily with the machine. The XSL Navigator enables processors to integrate data from a machine or line to an ERP system using client-server architecture.

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navigator controls being used by a man in a blue shirt with a mask

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