Extrusion Systems for Medical Devices & Tubing

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Focusing on medical tubing, balloon catheters, and healthcare applications, our medical extrusion systems combine our proven machinery and controls with downstream equipment. Graham Engineering Company is adept at translating your needs for production volume, speed, and materials into the perfect extrusion system for your brand. Learn more about how we match them to the ideal combination of our proven equipment, including American Kuhne®.

Multiple Medical Solutions

  • ULTRA MD Series
  • Compact Modular MD Series
  • ULTRA R/S Extruder for Silicone
  • Complete systems with advanced, closed-loop, touchscreen controls

Graham Engineering is the leader in providing complete extrusion systems that meet the specific needs and demands of the medical marketplace.

We work closely with each customer to ensure our custom engineered solutions not only rise to the level of service required, but produce superior products for our customers.

American Kuhne brand extrusion system shown in a factory setting.


Once we work with you to assess your extruder needs, we get to work to develop and test your system in our state of the art facility. Then our experts deliver and assist in installing your system while providing instructions on how to operate the machinery to meet your production specifications.

Our clean machines don’t yellow over time and will fit into one of three categories: the ULTRA MD Series for medical applications in a clean room environment, the Compact Modular MD Series for clean rooms with limited space, or the ULTRA R/S Extruder for Silicone for multiple innovations.

Downstream Equipment

These medical extruder machines can include expertise in Pebax, Ureaurethanes, Nylon, FPVC, and even high temperature and corrosive materials like PEEK and FEP with optional high-speed product arrangement. Our advanced extruder solutions can also accommodate high-temperature tubing, fluoropolymer, multi-layer, bump or taper, micro-tubing, and multi-lumen tubing.

Even if you have unique co-extrusion tubing needs — such as encapsulated radiopaque stripes, wire coating, braided or spiral reinforced tubing, thermal bonded tubing, or some other special medical profile — Graham Engineering’s downstream equipment used in production is customizable for you.


The systems for medical extrusions offer a choice of three levels of American Kuhne’s Navigator system: XC100, XC200, and SC300. In addition to the standard English, all of these can include HMI text for Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean upon request.

With on-line trending, the operator can see the relationship between the extruder pressures, extruder speed, melt temperatures, and melt pressure control. That gives the user control over many aspects of the process during operation.

Lifecycle Management by GRAHAM

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From process design to custom extrusion systems, field services to technical support, Graham offers the most complete plastics extrusion solution available today.

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lifecycle management shown with spools that will become rotary blow molders through the course of a project

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