American Kuhne Ultra Extruder

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Our ULTRA Extruders are available in 16 different sizes and hundreds of configuration possibilities to accommodate your production needs. Talk to a Sales Manager about our industry leading service and support. We complete a comprehensive wet test with your resin before we ship it to you to make sure it’s perfect when it arrives.

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  • Standard heated single bolt clamp
  • Cast aluminum cooling shrouds
  • Deep fin, bolt-on cast aluminum heaters
  • Full surround water-cooled feed throat
  • Rear-mounted taper roller thrust bearing
  • Heavy wall, one-piece gearbox casting


  • High temperature and corrosion resistant features available
  • Navigator XC100, XC200, or XC300 PC-based control
  • Heater/coolers capable of 650 or 900 degrees F
  • Spare parts tailored to customer needs
  • One or two die/head supports
  • 3-position swing hopper on/off/dump
  • Air, Backdraft or Water cooled options
  • Custom base designs and heights to suit customer’s application
  • Replaceable feed section liners
  • Grooved feed throat extruders

XC Navigator®

Ultimate Control

The XC Navigator system enables operators to easily monitor and control functionality, from closed-loop barrel PID heat/cool control, to clamp and die zone control, to heater burnout detection/alarm, and more. Our team can customize our proprietary, proven XC Navigator Extrusion System Controls to fit your exact operation and needs.

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XSL navigator in use.

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