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Graham Engineering Company brings more than 50 years of experience to the table and is a leading innovator of extruders and extrusion systems. We are experts at anticipating our customers’ processing needs and challenges and have an excellent track record of meeting and exceeding them.


  • Extensive knowledge of polymers and compounding
  • Expertise in part design
  • Adept in the application of proprietary process and screw design technology
  • Advanced simulation and modeling tools
  • Excellent empirical laboratory testing services

“With the Pro Ex team’s decades of experience in equipment selection and commissioning, we were very confident in the selection of our new Welex line. The design features, the team’s willingness to customize to our unique needs, and their reputation and commitment to customer service led to our selection.” ~Pro Ex co-owner and president Gary Borgers

Process Engineering

Graham Engineering Company, with its proprietary brands, Navigator®, Welex®, and American Kuhne®, continually analyzes and improves our processes. We stay at the forefront of the extrusion industry as applications and polymers evolve, keeping our collections of proven extruders on the cutting edge. We believe that working with our customers to solve problems, being in constant contact, and genuinely listening to their needs produces the best results, expanding our collective capabilities. Our systematic approach to process design enables us to develop a proof of concept and process efficiently, but that’s not all. It also allows us to satisfy customer needs, customize solutions, and improve response time while offering more economical options.

solution design process ends with you getting the perfect machine like this extruder and process for your needs

Product Design

Graham Engineering Company understands your industry. Whether you are looking for blow molding, extrusion, or accumulator head products, our experts have the design experience to deliver: including bottles and containers; outdoor furniture; medical tubing and healthcare needs; food packaging; wire and cable; and profile. We have the know-how to help you design your product.

ULTRA MD medical extrusion equipment pictured in medical white with navigator controls

Extrusion System Design

Graham’s rotary wheel, accumulator head, sheet, plastic, rubber, and silicone extrusion systems are designed for your specific needs. We not only customize extruders, but we also provide custom screws and specialized turnkey systems for medical tubing, laboratory, narrow web, wire, cable, pipe, and profile systems. No matter what extrusion system you need, we have reliable, customizable systems from the extruder to downstream equipment, all controlled with the intuitive Navigator control system.


Today, high production and competition drives the extrusion markets. GEC tirelessly pursues new technologies with the goal of adding value to customers’ products, improving their quality and speed, and meeting their sustainability goals. Graham Engineering offers top-of-the-line, market-leading technologies that assure your production goals will be met.

Machinery & Controls

Graham blow molders and sheet or single screw extrusion machines are not only well-known for quality and longevity. GEC’s machinery and downstream equipment are controlled by the industry-leading, intuitive Navigator® Controls. This PC-based controller offers intuitive programming and a user interface designed with operators in mind.


At GEC, we know that every aspect of your project is essential. That’s part of why we make our lab services and technical staff with more than 50 years of experience available to consult our customers. If you are looking for computer simulation, parts design, or process performance challenge information, we have the equipment and expertise. We can run exact polymers on production-scale equipment, customizing and optimizing through empirical trials. This has led to great success with new polymers and designs. Can’t be on-site? No problem, we generate extensive lab reports, offering a transparent understanding of the material or machine in development or testing. We offer product sampling, production testing, and analysis of rheological properties for extrusion.

electrician testing a machine as part of solution design and parts and maintenance

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