Co-extruded Multi-layer Sheet Extrusion for Graphics Purposes

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Engineered to your specific application and co-extruded with precision, Graham Engineering Company’s Welex® extruders lead the market for good reason. The modular construction includes downstream equipment catering to your specific application, and our intuitive Navigator® controls.


  • Banners and Durable Signage
  • Multi-layer Co-extrusion Sheets
  • Lenticular Signs
  • Your Polymers, Our Expertise

GEC multi-layer sheet extrusion systems create what you need, according to your specifications.

Our modular solutions produce custom multi-layer banners, lenticular signage that creates the illusion of depth, and durable signs.

We build our custom systems quickly by combining our proven modules. The intuitive Navigator control system ties it all together with ultimate control and flexibility.

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