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Whether you are overseas, or in the domestic U.S., suffering production losses because you are waiting for technical assistance can be a serious problem. Graham Engineering Corporation’s® innovative Navigator controls and knowledgeable technical support team often allow us to fix problems quickly.

Contact Technical Support

+1 717 848 3755

Email Technical Support

“We are very excited to partner with globally-recognized extrusion innovator Graham Engineering Corporation. American Kuhne silicone extruders are the most advanced on the market today.” ~ Bob Waitt, marketing manager for Bluestar Silicones’s U.S. medical market

Virtual Engineering Support

At Graham, we believe that service shouldn’t stop at the sale. Our comprehensive technical support solves up to 70 percent of support calls remotely through innovative and intuitive Navigator controls. We also offer email support with quick turnaround times. GEC respects your time and knows that you rely on us as a partner. Our tech support is available 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday-Friday, with some exceptions.

Spare Parts

When you reach out to our technical support, we do our best to solve your issue immediately. However, sometimes the problem is a broken or worn out part – especially since our machines last so long. When you need spare parts, we do our best to have them on hand and ship them out as quickly as possible. If we don’t have them on hand, or even when they are obsolete we’ll help connect you to the parts you need. Talk to a Sales Manager today to find out how a spare parts package can help you stay ahead of issues before they become a problem.

spare parts shown as part of our technical support packages

Field Services

If we can’t solve your issue virtually, and it can’t be handled by sending parts, our Field Service team is ready and able to come to you in nearly every country. Graham technicians are well versed in all aspects of your machine. We provide seamless operations support through your warranty, or through purchase orders. Graham is there for you with decades of experience when you need us. Talk to a sales manager today about our excellent support options and how we follow every machine with industry leading options.

Two men working together on technical support to showcase team work

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