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Graham Engineering Company® presents pelletizing solutions using its trusted single-screw extruders and polymer extrusion systems under its American Kuhne® brand. No matter if you need to bring density to a low bulk product, eliminate contaminants, or bring together a variety of source materials into a single product, we can fit your needs.


  • Underwater
  • Water ring
  • Strand
  • Award-winning Navigator® controls
  • Built-in alerts and controls

As a leader and trusted provider of a variety of extruder systems, Graham takes pride in its ability to custom design an extrusion system to fit your material for processing.

One of the secrets to creating a quality end product for you starts with our exclusive control process. This process helps the operator monitor every step from raw material to pellet.


Our experienced team will help you identify your pelletizing and compounding needs so we can design an extrusion system that will not only be easy to operate and understand but produce the product you have in mind.

Graham Engineering controls allow you to supervise the whole process by giving you power over the extruder speed and melt pump speed which connects to the cutter speed, giving you a consistent pellet size and shape every time.

Ultra extruder pictured in grey-brown in a factory setting.

Downstream Equipment

The American Kuhne design lets the operator see the behavior of the raw materials and feeding systems during production. And alerts and alarms indicating a water temperature change will further tell the operator if there is a shift in the process or if an outside change occurred that could affect the quality of your pellet.

They will also have the ability to view and analyze correlation data in real time of different stages during end-product production.


Graham Engineering’s Navigator controls give you an advantage during the pelletization process, allowing intuitive and data-led operation. With online trending, the machine operator can instantly see data regarding extruder pressures, extruder speed, melt and water bath temperatures, and cutting speeds.

That fact puts you in the driver’s seat from the beginning of production to the end result. Coupled with drive load information and helpful alerts, you ensure satisfaction for both you and your customer.

Lifecycle Management by GRAHAM

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From process design to custom extrusion systems, field services to technical support, Graham offers the most complete plastics extrusion solution available today.

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lifecycle management shown with spools that will become rotary blow molders through the course of a project

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