ULTRA MD Medical Extruders

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Exclusively designed for various medical applications and safe to use in a cleanroom environment, the ULTRA MD has a special medical paint that won’t yellow over time.

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  • Replaceable feed section liner up to 1.75″
  • Touchscreen controls
  • Melt pressure control
  • Detailed system with state-of-the-art testing
  • Tri-layer medical system


  • Compact Modular MD Series options
  • Pressure feedback control
  • Three levels of our Navigator system
  • Additional barrel modules available
  • Optional melt pumps

XC Navigator®

Ultimate Control

The XC Navigator system enables operators to monitor and control functionality with ease, from closed-loop barrel PID heat/cool control, to clamp and die zone control, to heater burnout detection/alarm, and more. Our team can customize our proprietary, proven XC Navigator Extrusion System Controls to fit your exact operation and needs.

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modular extruder shown in white and stainless steel in a factory setting

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