Dustin Wagnon

Dustin Wagnon, Strategic Sales Manager – LCM, focuses on growth opportunities in Spare Parts, Service and Service Agreements, Retrofit Upgrade projects, and other aftermarket activities. In his newly created role, Dustin collaborates closely with various departments, including sales, operations, engineering, finance, and most importantly, the customer base, to ensure the successful execution of these growth initiatives.

Dustin brings a wealth of experience to his current position. His previous success in the Sales Engineering group and his expertise in project management have prepared him well for this new challenge. Additionally, his quality control and research and development background with Rowa, a leading polymer processing company, has provided him valuable insights into the industry.

Outside of work, Dustin cherishes spending time with his family. He has been married to Jenna since 2018, and they have two beautiful daughters, Blake and Mila, who are turning 4 and 1 year old, respectively, this year. As a dedicated family man, Dustin focuses on creating a nurturing environment for his loved ones.

When he can find the time, Dustin enjoys playing golf, a sport he is passionate about. While his opportunities to hit the green are limited now, given his commitments, he seizes any chance to indulge in his favorite pastime. Additionally, Dustin is a fervent football fan, supporting the Dallas Cowboys and his hometown team, the Oregon Ducks. Born in Eugene, Oregon, his roots in the region have fostered his connection to the Ducks.

With his multifaceted experience and commitment to personal and professional growth, Dustin is a valuable asset to the organization and is always ready to provide further information or assistance.

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