American Kuhne Extends Award-Winning XC Navigator Controls to Rubber & Silicone Extruders & Systems for Profile & Tubing

March 26, 2019

American Kuhne ULTRA R/S Extruders for rubber and silicone feature multiple innovations that provide measurable improvements in process performance, serviceability, and longevity. Among these is our proprietary “Power Hinge” roller feed assembly opens with the push of a button providing total access for common service and maintenance.


A recent innovation is the extension of the company’s XC200 Navigator® controls system to its American Kuhne ULTRA R/S extruders, first exhibited at RubberExpo in October 2018. The system provides control for one or more extruders in simultaneous operation. The HMI is via a panel or optional swing-arm mounted screen map with integrated hard-wired Estop, Start, Stop, and Reset pushbuttons. It offers intuitive, visual navigation by touchscreen with easy-to-understand graphical displays of controls, status, and alarms along with integrated machine documentation.

The system enables operators to monitor and control functionality, including: closed-loop barrel PID heat/cool control; clamp and die zone control; heater burn-out detection/alarm; high temperature alarm; melt pressure monitor with dual alarms; high pressure shutdown; soak timer/cold start interlock; hour meter; 7-day timer; extruder screw speed control (start/stop, speed display, amp display); alarm, 365 days; security access manager; recipe manager; trending of any parameters that are monitored and controlled; integrated, real-time I/O diagnostic and remote diagnostics.

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