April 8, 2019

Nationally recognized sports medicine physician and surgeon Dr. Robert C. Palumbo will keynote speak.

Dr Robert C Palumbo

The next Spotlight™ Medical Extrusion & Secondary Operations Conference will be held May 8th & 9th at the Marriott Courtyard in York, Pennsylvania. 

“The focus of our Spotlight™ conferences is on medical extrusion and secondary operations with a suite of expert presenters tackling topics from materials unique to medical, processing challenges, case studies, and lessons learned,” explained Graham’s vice president & chief marketing officer, Gina Haines.

Dr. Robert C. Palumbo, nationally recognized Sports Medicine physician and surgeon, will be the keynote speaker. A graduate of Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical , Dr. Palumbo performed his Residency at Robert Wood Johnson in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

During 8 years of practice in , he served as orthopedic consultant for the Cirque de Soleil, The Ballet, World, as well as team physician for the U.S. Women’s National team, which he continues today. Additionally, he is President and Founder of OAA’s Sports Medicine Institute, a nonprofit organization that provides medical education to sports medicine professionals. Dr. Palumbo is a second opinion physician for the NFL Players’ Association, as well as the Head Team Physician for a AAA affiliate of the Phillies.

Graham Engineering Corporation organizes its Spotlight™ Conferences annually in varying locations to address important developments and new technologies in medical extrusion and secondary operations.

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