June 13, 2023

Prague, Czechia  – Graham Engineering, a global leader in plastics processing equipment, would like to thank the U.S. Embassy in Prague for graciously hosting its recent event. The company acknowledges the exceptional support and cooperation extended by the embassy, which played a pivotal role in making the event a resounding success.

The event, organized by the U.S. Commercial Service at the U.S. Embassy in Prague, brought together industry leaders, experts, and innovators to showcase Graham Engineering’s cutting-edge solutions. It was an absolute honor for Mike Duff, VP of Sales & Service, and Vladimir Ilyutovich,  Director of International Sales – Extruders & Systems EMEA, APAC, to collaborate with the U.S. Embassy in Prague.

The U.S. Embassy’s commitment to promoting economic growth, innovation, and collaboration is commendable. Their unwavering dedication to creating opportunities aligns perfectly with Graham Engineering’s vision of forging strong partnerships and fostering meaningful connections within the industry. The event provided an atmosphere of collaboration and growth, offering valuable insights, knowledge sharing, and networking opportunities for all participants.

Graham Engineering extends its deep appreciation to all attendees whose active participation and engagement contributed to the event’s success. The company values the support and involvement of industry professionals, whose presence added immense value to the discussions and deliberations.

The event took place in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Prague, Czechia, adding a touch of prestige and exclusivity. It served as an excellent platform for showcasing Graham Engineering’s innovative solutions and discussing the latest trends and developments in plastics processing equipment.

Graham Engineering extends special appreciation to the U.S. Commercial Service team members Veronika Novakova and Zdenek Svoboda for their impeccable planning and execution, ensuring attendees’ insightful and engaging experiences. Thank you to Corey Gast, Marketing Manager at Graham Engineering Company, for organizing and coordinating this incredible event.

As Graham Engineering looks to the future, the company eagerly anticipates continuing its partnership with the U.S. Embassy in Prague and working together to achieve even greater milestones. Through collaborative efforts, Graham Engineering aims to drive forward the industries it serves, significantly impacting economic growth, innovation, and global cooperation.

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