August 31, 2021

Graham Engineering Corporation has appointed Charlie Gonzalez as Regional Sales Manager – Southwest Region. In this role, Mr. Gonzalez will be responsible for overseeing the Soutwwest Region of the United States for GEG’s extruders and extrusion systems, including sheet lines, blow molders, medical tubing systems and wire & cable machinery.

“Charlie has a years of experience in various segments of the extrusion industry,” said Michael Duff, Vice President, Sales and Service. “Charlie has had a distinguished career in the extrusion processing field. As an accomplished process engineer, lab manager, and technical specialist, he is a natural for our industry-leading extrusion business. He can relate to our customers and partners as he has lived their experience for over 25 years.”

Charlie will assume direct sales management for GEC in the states of Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, and Louisiana.

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